How to Care for Oovy’s Fabrics


Our cotton fabric is moisture absorbent, soft, comfortable, breathable, wear resistant and can be machine washed without shrinking or getting pulled out of shape.

For best results, we recommend washing these fabrics with phosphate free detergent in cold water (20 degrees celcius) using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Please ensure you turn your garment inside out before washing and also recommend hanging on line inside out. If washing with other items ensure you use a bra bag to ensure you don’t damage the leather logo, buttons, snaps or zips.

Some fading as a result of cleaning is typical with digital printed fabrics. This is most notable on lighter shades like white base fabric with dark print. Front loading washers contribute to color loss due to the increased tumbling action during cleaning.

All over prints or screen prints can crack and peal if washed in warm/hot water or heat from a dryer. Please follow instructions inside seam.

We do not recommend you Tumble dry, bleach, soak or dry clean our products.

Ironing Cotton Fabrics

We recommend ironing our cotton fabrics using standard settings for cotton. Steam may be used to remove wrinkles. Please do not iron metallic prints. Vinyl prints are fine to iron but best to place parchment paper or baking paper over the print first then iron on top to protect the garment from iron marks or over heating.

We recommend that you iron the reverse side of the fabric for best results.Mineral deposits in the iron and spraying fabric with a water bottle may cause unexpected staining or marking and should be avoided.