Meet Our Brand Reps:

Get the inside scoop on everything Oovy, including latest trends, Oovy outfit inspiration and all the gossip from our hip brand reps on Instagram.

What’s Involved In Becoming An OOVY® Brand Rep?

Becoming an OOVY® Brand Rep isn’t all about getting free clothes. It’s about growing with the OOVY® Brand, and if we find good ones we will treat you well and hang onto you.

As a brand we get hundreds of pictures from customers and the community, so we expect a bit more from a brand rep than cute professional looking pics. Brand reps must bring value to the brand and we have listed below what we expect from our brand reps. It’s actually quite a bit of work, which is why it’s also important from a business perspective that when we find the right person we take care of you well!

An OOVY® Brand Rep doesn’t need thousands of followers but they need to GENUINELY love our products, good photography skills and an awesome professional looking Instagram profile. As we know if you love our products you will be excited to post about them and often. Picking our brand reps that love our products and who want to see our business grow is important to us.

Our Brand Rep:

–       Actively searches OOVY® and associated hashtags. Comments on other people’s photos of their little ones in OOVY®.

–       Scrolls through our comments feed and answers any questions about the brand we may have missed (we only get notification of the last 20 comments and likes on our feed, so we often miss comments and tags from our community)

–       Checks on our comments regularly to make sure nothing/noone is over looked, and everyone has been responded too

–       Tests products and gives helpful advice on fittings and styles

–       Promotes the brand on own social media, and in general

–       Represents the brand in public


What does our brand rep get in return for all the hard work?

– We will post you out clothing in your chosen sizes. You can photograph outfits in full OOVY® head to toe and also mix with other brands is fine, we love flat lays, close up of detailing and creativity. We only use SQUARE images on Social Media.

– Awesome discount for you and family for 6mths.( Please never give out this code to friends/ advertise it on social media ).

– The first to get the range of new seasons and styles. This will be automatically sent out to you when it arrives.

– Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need

– Our help in growing your own feed and platforms

– Lots of love and appreciation


Can we email you to be considered as a Brand Rep?
We don’t accept emails or instagram message to become a Brand Rep, these will be held as competitions on our instagram page. Please don’t be offended if we don’t responded to your messages we get so many emails a day it’s impossible to respond to all.
So stay tuned to Instagram @oovykids to see when we will be having our next brand rep search.
If you are keen to get on board and don’t want to miss out. Simply #oovybrandrepsearch so we have your child on file for our next search.

AW18 OOVY Brand Reps

OOVY Aw18 Brand Reps

Brooklyn: @brooklyntrends

Knox, Kael, Kayden: @staunchkidz

SS17/18 OOVY Brand Reps

Nyjah : @nyjahrinato

Hayley & Finley : @wendology

Cejay (Center Left) : @tray_and_cejay

Liam (Center Right) : @Liamgabrielc

Oovy SS17/18 Brand Reps

Noah : @noahand_me

Evangeline & Leo : @all.eyes.on.eva_leo

Karam : @karampics

AW17 OOVY Brand Reps

Oliver & Valentina : @bahababes

Finley : finleyjames

Kylian : @vanilla_skr

Oovy 2017 Brand Reps

Aaliyah : @maddness77

Tomas : @makadonato

Piper : @piper.dior

2016 OOVY Brand Reps

Oovy 2016 Brand Reps

Phoenix & Hunter : @phoenix.nate & @hunter.sabe

Tyler : @tylerhuan

Jaxon : @jaxon_ace

2015 OOVY Brand Reps

Archer (4 yrs): @missdmj

Kennedy (2 yrs): @angelipresley_official

Oovy Brand Reps

Ethan (4 yrs) & Evan (3yrs): @ethan.and.evan

Jude (2 yrs): @missdmj